get outback and washup soap. tea tree.

get outback and washup soap.  tea tree.
get outback and washup soap.  tea tree.
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 Coconut Oil Soap: infused with Tea Tree essential oil

The Duggan Sisters are crazy for the healing properties of coconut; so they went absolutely nuts for this coconut and palm oil soap and wanted to share it with all of their friends. Infused with the same ultra-pure botanical oils that we use to make our lifestinks deodorant, these soaps are 100% vegetarian, lather lavishly and rinse oh so clean.

Handmade by Aboriginal Australians in collectives outside Sydney and Melbourne, these super gentle soaps are hard-milled to last a long time and are absolutely free from dyes or synthetic perfumes. Combine them with a smartsoak and release all of the anti-inflammatory goodness of coconut oil into your next bathing experience. Best of all, even the locavores among you can relax and enjoy this wonder from down under as this product is responsibly imported via slow boat by the Duggan Sisters. Pick your favorite flavor, or enjoy all four, and allow coconut oil to nourish your body and soul.


get outback and washup soap | tea tree 

no animal testing | vegetarian | non-toxic


Ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, tea tree essential oil

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